The CFO Solution

  • "For organisations like ours that choose not to manage finance internally,The CFO Solution provides a depth of capability you would be unlikely to otherwise get."
    - Wayne Rudland - Executive Director - Effective Measure International
  • "It's good to know that we can leverage the skills of others at The CFO Solution when necessary. The CFO Solution is uniquely skilled to assist us as we expand to the USA."
    - Wayne Rudland - Executive Director - Effective Measure International
  • "It's a hassle-free service, which makes it a good arrangement for us. Everything is done on time and we can rely on them to provide feedback on any matter surrounding compliance that might come up from time to time."
    - Evan McGregor - Director - BKM Management (ASX: BKM)
  • "Through the timely preparation of audited financial statements, preparation and lodgement of regulatory documents, liaising and corresponding with lawyers, brokers and auditors, the CFO Solution bent over backwards to ensure the IPO stayed on track."
    - Andrew Woskett - CEO and Executive Director (former) - Spitfire Oil Limited (AIM: SRO)
  • "By using The CFO Solution, a lot of the heartache was removed. The main benefit for us was the single point of contact. Everything was funnelled through them and the process was seamless."
    - Alvin Tan - Co-founder and Director (former) - Jutt Holdings (ASX: VXR)
  • "All we had to do was worry about running the company. All the governance issues were taken care of and we didn't have to concern ourselves with lodgement timetables and all the rest."
    - Alvin Tan - Co-founder and Director (former) - Jutt Holdings (ASX: VXR)
  • "For a small listed company like ours, The CFO Solution is a one-stop shop that does the job properly."
    - Evan McGregor - Director - BKM Management (ASX: BKM)
If you’re like most of our clients, you find that the complexity of managing your financial affairs gets in the way of more important tasks. The added pressure of financial, accounting and company secretarial obligations on top of your day-to-day operations can be draining, and eat away at time and money better spent on your core business.    In fact, it could be holding your company back from reaching it’s true potential.

Simplify your business

With an increasing focus on corporate governance and complicated regulatory requirements, it's not that easy to keep it simple. Employing a full-time financial department with specialist knowledge of your organisation's requirements can be costly; but without expert advice you increase the risk of inefficiency and uninformed decisions. That's where outsourcing comes in.

Outsourced CFO services

The CFO Solution gives you access to as much or as little financial support as you require, with scalable services tailored to the specific needs of your company. From a part-time bookkeeper to an entire financial and company secretarial department, you can have access to skilled finance professionals as, and when, you need them.

With CFO services including financial reporting, corporate compliance, due diligence, and secretarial systems, we've got the tools you need, all for a fraction of the cost of running your own financial department

Our experienced staff become part of your core business team, providing solid advice to management and ensuring informed decision-making, timely and accurate reporting, and reduced operating costs.


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